Mastek Founder, Sudhakar Ram, Introduces The Connected Age Book


Taken together, mankind has the capability and resources to make the world a happy home for all life on the planet. Yet, we live in times of great discontent, environmental degradation, and individual powerlessness in the face of an information, technological and material onslaught.

In these dystopian times, Sudhakar Ram sets out to show the road ahead. He examines how our Industrial Age mindset has been responsible for the current state of the world—where individuals and institutions are forever running on the treadmill of material success and operate as independent entities not really talking to each other. He makes a case for going beyond this mindset to embrace a set of new principles and practices that acknowledge the interdependent and connected nature of our existence, thus heralding a new 'Connected Age'.

'If the last hundred years are anything to go by, aren't we justified in expecting dramatic changes in the next hundred?' Sudhakar, himself the head of IT solutions firm Mastek, asks and calls for an overhaul of the way we run our lives, our companies and our planet itself, so we can leave behind a better world for future generations.

Based on his blog 'The New Constructs' with more than 46,000 readers and drawing on the ideas of several modern thinkers-E.F. Schumacher's Small Is Beautiful, Michael Sandel's What Money Can't Buy, and Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, among others–

The Connected Age is a futurist's vision for a new world and a guidebook about personal change.


'Ram is a powerful example of the "reflective practitioner", a person deeply immersed in the practical realities of the world and simultaneously thinking deeply about the larger needs of society. Such people, in my experience, can make unique contributions to help us all understand the inner and outer choreography of real systemic change.'

–From the Foreword by Peter Senge,
Author of The Fifth Discipline

'Sudhakar Ram has written a masterful, highly readable and enjoyable guide to personal and societal growth in what he calls The Connected Age. Frankly, I am awestruck by the scope of Sudhakar's intellect, his base of knowledge, keenly human sensitivities and painstaking attention to detail.'

–Raj Sisodia,
FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business, Babson College
Co-founder & co-chairman, Conscious Capitalism Inc.

'Sudhakar Ram has attempted something quite ambitious-relating the macro issues to the excruciating personal and professional problems that a business leader faces, and ending on a note of optimism that cleverly combines all elements.'

–Jaithirth (Jerry) Rao,
Banker, entrepreneur, Executive Chairman - Value and Budget Housing Corporation

'As someone who has thrived at the heart of the mainstream of business and also stepped back to ask fundamental philosophical questions, Sudhakar's search for answers has a powerful appeal. It will inspire because the reader is not handed a formula but rather drawn into thinking through and reflecting on the need for new vistas.'

–Rajni Bakshi,
Author and Gandhi Peace Fellow at Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relationsm

'I am feeling very enriched. (Sudhakar's) ideas find huge resonance with me. I am living my life as a 'connected ager' in many ways and the book also helped me see where I am not and I can.'

–Vinit Taneja,
Founder at Tresonance Consulting and ex-CEO, Prerna Centre of Learning.


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